The BasicsEdit

  1. I tell you of your impending doom.
    City tidal wave

    There's a tidal wave approaching the city!

  2. I roll to see how close your problem is.
  3. I tell you your goal.
  4. I roll to see how far your goal is.

How It WorksEdit

  1. You react.
  2. I will roll set a difficulty of 1 to 20 on the reaction, where one is easy and 20 is nearly impossible, and roll a D20.
  3. If the number is higher than the difficulty, you succeed!
  4. I choose a die to roll, based on how many turns your action is likely to give you. It could be anywhere from D4 to D10.
  5. The QTE is over when the situation is resolved either with your defeat, or the accomplishing of the goal.

Note: Different actions will lead to more gain. If it is clever, I will likely give you more turns. Sometimes you might trip if I roll a 1.