Knowledges Edit

What is a knowledge? A specific area of expertise. These are used with the INT stat to figure out puzzles, as well as learn new skills or perform specific actions. Skills can be thought of as specializations.

Magic Edit

  • Evocation

Stat: Mental

Skills: Associated with the manipulation of the elements.

Intelligence Rolls: Used when investigating the effects of spells.

  • Religion

Stat: Charisma

Skills: Associated with blessings, such as status boosts and healing, as well as smites specifically related to the god in question.

Intelligence Rolls: Used to understand specific actions from a religious perspective. Example: rituals.

  • Runic

Stat: Intelligence

Skills: A complex system of writing that directly ties a particular essense to an item.

Intelligence Rolls: Used to understand runic writing,

  • Alchemy

Stat: Intelligence

Skills: Associating with distilling magical essence into a potion.

Intelligence Rolls: Used to discern the creation of and use of potions.

  • Summoning

Stat: Charisma

Skills: Associated with calling supernatural beasts and spirits to your aid. Could also be used to wrestle control of other spirits.

Science Edit

Stat: Intelligence

  • Engineering

Skills: Building complex devices

Intelligence Rolls: Understanding why and how something was made as it was.

  • Chemistry

Skills: Creating complex chemicals for various uses.

Intelligence Rolls: Understanding the chemical composition of items.

  • Medicine

Skills: Used in the performance of everything from splinting to surgery.

Intelligence rolls: Used to remove items without causing harm, or to perform a medical examination.

  • Explosive

Skills: Used to make bombs or other explosives.

Intelligence rolls: used to disarm bombs.

  • Programming

Skills: Used in making programs or hacking.

  • Electonics

Intelligence Rolls: Used to control anything with a computer.

Skills: Putting together electronic items.

Intelligence Rolls: rewiring, and understanding electronics.

Social Edit

  • Business

Stats: Intelligence, Charisma (I know more, I am a better liar)

Skills: Barter, anything having to do with wealth

Intelligence Rolls: Analyzing accounts, knowing when you're being lied to in business.

  • Persuasion

Stats: Intelligence (I know more), Charisma (convince), Wealth (bribe)

Skills: Convincing people to do things your way.

  • Intimidation

Stats: Intelligence, Physical, + skill if used

Skills: Forcing people to act a certain way through force.

  • Investigation

Stat: Intelligence

Skill: The overall understanding of a crime scene, specifically.

  • Security

Stat: Intellgence, movement

Skill: Breaking and entering, thievery, dealing with traps

Intelligence Rolls: Understanding how someone got in somewhere, spotting traps with Perception

  • Transportation

Stats: Movement

Skills: Driving specific vehicles from a bike to an airplane.

Intelligence Rolls: Understanding what kind of vehicle is driven, or trying to drive a similiar but new vehicle.

Combat Edit

  • Unarmed

Stats: Physical, movement, depending on the skill

Skills: Unarmed strikes, whether in traditional pugilist or martial arts

Intelligence Rolls: Understanding how a fight occurred or knowing how a move is performed

  • Energy

Stats: Physical or Mental

Skills: Associated with attacking with pure energy

Intelligence Rolls: Analyzing the aftermath of such attacks

  • Melee

Stats: Physical

Skills: Associated with simple weapons ranging from clubs to swords, including simple throwing weapons like knives and axes.

  • Firearms

Stats: Perception

Skills: Long rang weapons including pistols, rifles, crossbows, etc.

  • Armor

Stats: Physical

Skills: Associated with the use of armor.

Arts Edit

  • Cooking

Stats: Intelligence

Skills: Cooking various meals

Intelligence Rolls: Checking for poisons, analyzing ingredients

  • Painting

Stats: Intelligence, Movement

Skills: Capturing a visual representation

Intelligence Rolls: Useful for collecting visual examples, I.E. "We're looking for someone who looks like this."

  • Music

Stats: Charisma, Intelligence

Skills: Playing songs, which can have specific effects

  • Acting

Stats: Pretending you are someone you're not. Deception.

Skills: Disguise, changing voice, throwing voice.

Intelligence Rolls: Seeing through deception. Perception may also be used.

  • Crafting

Stats: Intelligence

Skills: Making small items, carvings, etc

Academic Edit

  • Language

Stats: Intelligence

Skills: Learning spoken and written language

Intelligence Rolls: Trying to communicate with someone who doesn't speak your own language.

  • History

Stats: Inteligence

Skills: Understanding history, both recent and ancient

Intelligence Rolls: Understanding the surrounding environment, such as a ruin.

  • Culture

Stats: Intelligence

Skills: Understanding how to interact with other cultures

Intelligence Rolls: Avoiding cultural problems

Outdoors Edit

  • Hunting

Stats: Inteligence, Perception

Skills: Providing meat outdoors. Also applies to fishing and trapping.

Intelligence Rolls: Searching for sources of food, tracking

  • Foraging

Stats: Inteligence, Perception

Skills: Searching for food, firewood, other necessities

Intelligence Rolls: Searching for possible sources for said necessities, deciding where to set camp

  • Navigation

Stats: Inteligence, Perception

Skills: Knowing where you are by stars or simply paying attention

Intelligence Rolls: Finding the way to where you need to go if you get lost

  • Survival

Stats: Inteligence, Perception, Physical, Mental

Skills: General ability to set camp, find shelter, stay warm.

  • Animals

Stats: Inteligence, Charisma

Skills: Communication with animals, taming and handling

Intelligence Rolls: Finding out local wildlife, if there are pet (dogs, horses, etc)