How the Prof Grades RP Edit

The Professor does grade RP if asked. When he does, he either reads the series of your latest interaction or the SL you have linked him to. Grading is based on a 100 point structure as follows:

  • Creativity (60 points): Does something happen in your story? How does your character handle it?
  • Character (20 points): Is your character balanced? Are they interesting? Are they well adapted?
  • Structure (10 points): Does one thing lead to another, logically, within the structure of your world?
  • Grammar (5 points): Do you reuse words? Do you use the wrong word? How about punctuation and capitalization?
  • Spelling (5 points): How’s your spelling?

And OpenRP Grading: How’s your starter? Is it original? Does it start in a public place? Does something happen? Is there the possibility of something happening? Does it invite interaction? How detailed is it?