About the ProfEdit


The character was created simply as a way to have a helpful, creative outlet and help those new and old to RP. I wanted him to be more than just an advice column, though, so I gave him a personality. I made him interesting.


He is smart, a bit of a smartass, and patient. He will help anyone who asks and occasionally bops them upside the head with his ruler or stamps grades on their foreheads. He has no fear of students, at least in his classroom; in his classroom, he is king. Outside, not so much. He can usually be found fixing the damage caused by unruly students with superglue and ingenuity.

The Classroom:

A room with tiered desks all forming a horseshoe around his desk and black board.

More Info:

The Prof is a 4th Wall Character. That means he is aware of his status as a character and can, and does, talk about his mun. He also corrects bio misspells and such. He will be immune to attacks that prevent him from teaching, if I so choose. No one is more powerful than him in the classroom.