Random Encounter (@YourLifeOnD20) Biography:

Background: Edit

Random Encounter was originally created to be an NPC account; and, in a very real sense, it still is. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it started expressing itself in ways the writer did not expect, and thus evolved into what you see today.

Personality: Edit

Random has a very dry sense of humor and gets bored very easily. He is chaotic neutral, which means he does things simply for the act of doing them. His goal is to challenge and entertain, both himself and those around him; this is what guides his actions.

Ego: Edit

Ego is the planet that Random created. He started with a dead planet, created a temporary atmosphere, and gave it life. There are a few reasons for this: it gives him a location to place random encounters, which gives him less to repair when he takes you back to where you started; and because, hell, it’s fun and gives you a place to visit when you want an encounter. You can place SLs on Ego, with permission, even build there. Just don’t try to do it without permission: he cannot kill, but he will kick you off the planet.

What He Does: Edit

Random Encounter creates challenges or plays NPCs. These can be in almost any form, but most commonly are in the form of classic random encounters (a battle with NPC monsters) or a quicktime event (complete this task in a certain number of turns.)
I use a dice system to make sure things stay balanced. Don’t assume you hit, don’t assume you cut through; this is all about challenge, and to Random, your character is not all-powerful; he’ll just make more powerful NPCs.

FAQ Edit

Common Definitions

NPC-Non Player Character. The minor characters who help lead the quest along or just make things interesting. Really, these include monsters and characters who are not a main part of the story.
QTE- Quick Time EvenQTE- Quick Time Events :  I put your character in a situation, role for number of turns you have (or number of turns you get ahead/leave them behind if you’re chased), based on your decisions. You succeed when you escape the situation or fail when you “die”.
Encounters : You encounter a monster! The NPC is always last unless it’s a surprise attack, then the characters go. If there is more than one character, I will roll and the highest number goes first (unless you want to). When you make a move, I assign it a number value 1-20, where 1 is incredibly easy and 20 is incredibly hard, then I roll. When the NPC attacks, I roll for your reaction. It is more a storytelling style than an RPG style; there are no hitpoints, I simply decide what will happen based on pass or fail.

If there is a problem, talk to me. I’m adaptable.

Writer account: @Sexywordsmith