Races: Inhabitants of the universes that we will be exploring. This list will grow and change as they are encountered.


Lillum are inhabitant of Sheol and are children of Chaos. As such, they have no purpose by nature, but they have given themselves a purpose: protect the realms they inhabit from those Powers which seek to destroy it.


There are many kinds of vampires, but they all have something in common: they all cannot be in sunlight, they all drink blood for both life and power, and they all do not age. Vamires in our universes are based on WOD and are distant relatives of Lillum.


To Be Added.


Fae are mortals who are given abilities to care for nature and maintain balance within it. They include elves, fairies, and any of a number of folk.


Schad is the only known remaining Penumbran. Penumbrans have naturally high upper-body strength and can lift about 300 pounds with each arm. They also have unusually high endurance and the ability to see energy of all kinds.

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