The Powers are universal concepts, manifesting as various gods and godesses in the Mortal Realms .

A List of the PowersEdit


Rarely manifests as a sentient being, instead being unpredictable in form, function, and mentality. The concept of change and evolution.


Often manifests as Fate, through this power the material of Chaos become organized, laying all on their necessary path. The concept of order and rules.


The power of birth, growth, and healing. Manifests as a quiet, confident human.


The power of death, destruction, and harm. Manifests as a being very quick to anger.

The Elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Spirit)Edit

The elements. Manifests with personalities suiting the element.


Spirit also includes Magic; the powers of White and Black Magic.

Life and DeathEdit

The concepts of life and death. Usually manifest as grim reapers and gods of sun and light.


Spirits are a collective term for the lesser facets of powers. They include undines, fairies, and various other beings.

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