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This is a list of accounts not made specifically for our main story. They can be fun, they can be silly, or they can be serious as death. If you want more information, click the name; if you want to see the twitter account, click the UN.

Writer @SexyWordsmith

The writer account! I write all the accounts listed below. As you can see, I am a glutton for punishment.

About Me

I like to write things, mostly surreal fantasy. This has greatly affected my RP style, particularly as I have a marked preference for using fantasy monsters on Random Encounter.

I also like bad movies and games. Dungeons and Dragons, Gozilla, Spy Fiction, Deadly Premonition... the list goes on.

I dislike: Godmodders and people who have no consideration for others.

You can talk to me! I'm a nice guy! A little crazy, but nice!

Random Encounter @MasterOfStories

When a random NPC strolls into your SL, he is there. When a monster attacks your city, he is there. And he is probably laughing his ass off.

Random Encounter doesn't really have a name, so he just picks one. He is a lesser spirit of creation, specifically stories, and particularly enjoys causing, or creating them. He will go to many lengths just to create a story to tell, and loves hearing them.

He does not have a physical body and cannot die a real death. He finds the idea fascinating, though!

What he Cannot Do:

  • Kill your character
  • Touch you
  • Be touched
  • Die
  • Create anything permanent
  • Do anything illogical outside of the context of the verse he is in

What He Can Do:

  • Defeat your character
  • Create monsters equal to, or stronger, than your character
  • Put your character in unusual situations
  • Make you look at your character differently
  • Transport you to Ego, where anything he does is logical

What Happens at the End of the Battle

  • Upon Defeat, it is returned to its exact location
  • Upon winning, you can keep the battle or pretend it never happened
  • Upon draw, the battle never even occurred


  • With permission, he can kill
  • Random will not create an overpowered monster without permission

In Short:

Random Encounter, as a character, cannot harm you in any way, nor can he be harmed. He can only speak. His monsters can harm you, but cannot kill you; they are there to provide a challenge.

This account uses RECS. I advise you to read this link before engaging. You do not have to use it to battle Random, but it does make the battle more fun for me.

If you want to arrange a story, just DM me on twitter.

Types of Challenges

Click the links to learn how they work in detail.

Random Encounters

Your classic, RPG style random encounters. You VS the Monster.

Quick Time Event

You have a certain amount of time to accomplish a goal: survive, make it to the bomb, what have you.

Random BS

I'm not always serious. Sometimes Random just pops in, causes havoc, and disappears.

Please Note: Encounters may contain QTEs and vice versa.

Professor RP @ProfessorRP

He's the Prof! He sends out lessons, assignments, and RPHelp as I am inspired to do so. He will also answer any questions.

Grading Criteria

What qualifies me to grade RP? Not a thing. But I will, if asked.


Billy Bishop @SpyFicBilly

Back in the hole! Working for @Chimera_Org. Espionage, assassinations, information gathering; fast cars, explosions, and ruining your reputation. (Magic Inert)

A spy from Spy Fiction. This version is older, and, perhaps, slightly more insane.

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