A list, and description of, mortal realms visited.

Mortal RealmsEdit


The human realm. Home to vampires, werewolves (presumably) and other beings.


The New York Skyline.

Most of the story takes place in New York, between Huntington and the City.

New YorkEdit

The city. This is where the main characters go for much business. It has a fairly high vampire population.


Where the characters lived until the house was burned down. Schad still considers it home and intends to rebuild there.


Where Schad hails from. Home to steep cliffsides and large, colorful trees. During the day, large hairy beasts with six legs called Rovers range the forests, grazing on the grasses and fruits there. At night, the sky is filled with Razorfish, pirrahna-like creatures without eyes who detect heat and eat almost anything.

Be careful what you eat, as food here of all kinds has to be eaten in combination with something else to keep it from being poisonous. A guide is recommended. 

Schad's HouseEdit

Schad's home is built of wood and covered in furs he has hunted and prepared himself. It contains one closet, a bed, a counter, and an arrangement of cookware he made. In it is also several shelves of books. Outside is an anvil and a shallo pond fed by a small waterfall.


Home to Lillum, a race of violent, intelligent, powerful beings who are slowly consumed by their own power. Children of Chaos, they are without a fate, and thus have taken it upon themselves to maintain order in the universe at large.

Sheol exists in all Mortal Realms, somewhere, hidden except from those who know how to look.

Demon City

The Demon City has no official name, as it is the only city on Sheol. It is built around the Chaos Tree, leaving a 2 mile radius free of development. This is considered Holy Land is is viciously protected.

Alex's HouseEdit

Is a small two-story house in the middle of the Demon City. It is black on the outside, white on the inside, and covered in plant life. The doors are all arched portals with the exception of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the cellar, which contains racks upon racks of Demon's Dowry, a special liquor made only in this realm.

The Chaos TreeEdit

The Chaos Tree is, itself, at least a mile thick and several miles high. It is composed of scaled, black, twisting vines that move of their own volition, wrapping each other tight to form the trunk and head. On the constantly moving branches are red, glowing fruit of varying size and color, and in each fruit one can see the sillhouettes of life.

Surreal's HouseEdit

Located at the base of the tree, it seems to have been grown from the earth itself. Inside there is a large main library, and a secondary library for Surreal's more eccelectic colltection.


Home to everything from Wyverns to Wyrms, this realm's most noticible feature is floating islands with their own meterological phenomena, which is caused by a special element hidden away in the islands themselves. It is dominated by water, and what few continents their are are home to active volcanoes which constantly war with the vast ocean.

One of the realms blessed by Fire, with Wyrms being Divine Beasts.


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