Those involved in the story, from Main Characters to repeated NPCs.

Main CharactersEdit

Main Characters drive and develope the story.

Schad Nathaniel FreudEdit

A cleric blessed by Nature and inhabited by an aspect of Destruction, his most noted abilities are his strength, healing, and ability to control heat. [Also known as The Huntington Angel]

Cillian WrenEdit

A pianist cursed by the Dark One and blessed by Chaos. Anyone she touches either becomes obsessed with her or very, very frightened. Can also use Presence, bending them to her will.

Kid LokiEdit

A rebirth of the God of Mischief, he is mischieveous (naturally) and very, very knowledgable of sorcery. He has taught Schad new ways of using his abilities and is often sent on reconnaisance or simply asked for easy transport using Teleport.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Ella PsalmsEdit

A scientist involved in strange research.

Connie ChaoticEdit

A facet of Chaos, he is as unpredictable as... well... chaos. Often speaks in sentences that make no sense and is given to passing out coins occasionally for favors.

Recurrant NPCsEdit

Alex Demonique:  A host to a facet of Creation, he is very human. He is born, ages, dies, and is reborn to be the exact same person to human parents. One of the brothers of Fate. Six feet tall, green eyes, platinum hair, given to wearing white leather covered in symbols.

Rebma Alex's wife. Fae, she has grayscale butterfly wings and rarely wears clothes due to changing size so often. Long black hair and an athletic build. Violet eyes.

Falon Lancer & Jajarick Payton

Officer William


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